See all details regarding re-opening, schedules and FAQ below.


Please note there may be some local restrictions. Check with your local Anytime Fitness to ensure they are open before you visit.







To keep all our staff, members and guests safe and healthy, our clubs have been cleaned using the recommended chemical cleaners for non-medical settings. We will continue to maintain this standard after we are open with regular cleaning.

Our club teams have undertaken extensive training while our gyms have been closed and are ready to clean at intervals throughout the day. This will include between group sessions, which may impact the number of classes held.

We also have increased the number of hygiene stations throughout the club, with extra wipes throughout. Please use these to wipe down equipment before and after your sets and keep your hands clean. If you cannot find these or they have run out, speak to a member of staff for assistance.


Our clubs have been spaced out in several ways in order to make social distancing simple and easy for you. We ask that you maintain a 2m distance between each other where possible or 1m+ with extra measures.

You may see markings on the floor to show you the space one person can use and in larger areas and notice some equipment may have moved. If you are not sure where a machine has gone, ask a member of staff. Where moving equipment was not possible, some machines may be out of order temporarily.

Throughout our clubs there will be signs and posters to assist you with social distancing and staff will be around to help everyone keep to these guidelines and as always, answer any of your questions.


Our ventilation and air conditioning equipment has gone through thorough cleaning and regular checks will be performed to ensure this high standard of cleanliness is adhered to.

Air will not be recirculated through the gym. Fresh air will be provided to the target ventilation rate of 20l/s/p advised for indoor gym facilities.


We have a new Gym Reservation System that some of our clubs may be using to help manage the number of people within the gym. This will allow you to book a training slot at your desired time and access the gym for this session.

You will need to keep an eye on your emails or club’s social channels to find out if they are using this system. You can read the full instructions here to see exactly how this system will work.

Where booking is not needed, you may need to wait for a member of staff to let you into the gym, or in certain situations staff may let you know the gym is currently at capacity and you might have to wait a few minutes to get in to train.


Our clubs in the Republic of Ireland opened on the 1st July and Northern Ireland from the 10th July. Our clubs in England will be re-opening from the 25th July – please check with your local gym team for an exact date. We are still awaiting on dates for our clubs in Scotland and Wales.
We are following Government guidance and may be operating restricted hours initially to ensure the health and safety of our members with regards to cleanliness in our clubs.
Some of our clubs will be utilising a Gym Reservation System for workout time bookings. This may vary by club.
Each club will be sending communication regarding your membership status and if this will change. If you have any queries please contact your club directly.
Please speak to your club about setting up your direct debit instruction again to ensure your membership is active and you are able to use the club to train again when you wish.
Your keyfob will still grant you access in the same way as always, but you may need to reserve your workout time in advance – check with your local club if this is necessary.
We are not enforcing any time limits within our clubs, but we ask that you remain respectful with the length of time you spend using equipment and be mindful to help everyone get access to the gym.

Please check with your local club as there may be some further measures in place.

Our club teams will do their best to ensure all types of equipment are available for use, but some may need to be taken out of service to assist with social distancing.

Please be aware that we will not allow use of shared equipment at this time which cannot be easily cleaned, such as boxing gloves.

Our changing rooms and lockers will be open and available for use, however we encourage our members to enter our clubs gym-ready (in workout attire) and ask, where possible, you leave in the same clothes.

Please note we will not be allowing towels on the gym floor at this time.

Showers will not be in use in our clubs in Northern Ireland due to local Government guidelines and some clubs in England may have restricted bathroom or shower access. For more information contact your club directly.

Where clubs are able to run group exercise classes with social distancing, they will. Please be mindful that there may be reduced capacity in these classes and they may not be run back-to-back to allow for cleaning time within the studios.
We will not be enforcing or requiring you to wear any PPE or face coverings, however if you choose to do so that is up to you. We would encourage you to ensure your hands are washed and clean before and after handling any PPE.

We ask all members to be mindful of others working out in the gym, respecting each-other’s space and following Government guidelines of 2m where possible and least 1m+.

We ask all our members to contribute to keeping our clubs clean and tidy by using our hygiene stations, washing your hands upon entry to the club and wiping equipment down before and after use.

Please do not leave any personal belongings around the gym, such as water bottles or towels.

It is up to your local gym to decide what happens with regards to members that are found to consistently breaking the rules. We do not want to ban any members but we are taking the health and safety of everyone in the gym very seriously and hope you do too.
Please speak to your local club regarding your membership agreement and cancellation terms.

Still have questions? We can help.